Book Keeping & Statutory Accounting

Our accounting professionals have enormous experience in advising clients on a wide array of problems, from supporting compliance with novel or amended accounting standards and advising on financial recording processes, to ensuring that accounting operations match the long and short-term intents of the business.

We are steadfast to constantly improve the accounting and statutory compliance function to help you to meet your business goals.


  • Statutory accounting, book keeping, and financial statements compliance
  • Accounts receivable and Accounts payable management
  • Indirect taxation compliance and maintenance of records
  • Preparation of periodic management reports
  • Integration of compliance with statutory audit process

Company Registration & Formation:

Company establishment services include the legal entity evaluation and registration of company, bank account establishment and the related secretarial services. IYKONS has professionals who are expertise in the respective country's Registrar of Companies or Company House requirements to follow the guidelines of filing the required forms according to related compliances of the statutory institution

Indirect Tax Registration & Filing:

IYKONS provides registration of indirect Tax such as VAT, GST, TDS, payroll related tax such as professional tax, EPF, ESI, labor welfare fund and other related taxes and filing of returns of indirect taxes and payroll taxes as per the statutory dues.

IYKONS involves individual annual tax planning and filing of the returns and reporting.


Cost is the monetary value that a company spent in order to produce/sell a product/service and costing is basically the ascertainment of cost whether for a specific thing or activity. We help companies to leverage our expertise to have their costing techniques fine-tuned or established. We also offer Product and Service Costing. We guide to maintain books as per the costing accounting standards.


  • Enable to decide the manufacturing/sales of a product mix
  • Identify the margin of different products
  • Identify the profit/loss making product/services
  • Evaluate the structuring and allocation of cost to relevant product or services
  • Support to make clear decision on make or buy

Budgeting & Forecasting

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting convenes within a performance management framework where we can effortlessly link top-down, strategic objectives to financial and operational forecasts and report performance against such targets. We help organizations to implement a driver-based planning and forecasting process.


  • Quickly set up your account, operating & management reporting structures
  • Perform what-if scenarios, assumptions in all bands of your budget, to swiftly test the financial impact of potential business decisions